Pepsi Product Request Form

Criteria for Pepsi Product Requests:
  • Event must be sponsored by a registered student organization
  • Request can be made for up to 10 cases for your organization’s upcoming event
  • Requests are due at least two weeks in advance of your event.
  • The event must be free and open to the University Community
  • It must be marketed towards SIUE students, faculty and staff as the primary participants
  • The event must be held on campus
  • It may not be used for a recruitment event or general organization meeting.
  • The event may not be used as a fundraiser (i.e. charging money for the event).
  • Organizations may not request product MORE than two (2) times per semester.
Organization Name:
Contact Name:
Contact E-mail:
Contact Phone:
Name of Event:
Event Date:
Location of program/event?
Audience you are expecting at the event (ex: students, staff, community, certain majors, members only, etc.)
Will there be a fee charged to attend this event?
Brief description of event and how product will be handed out:
Expected Attendance Number:
Limit 10 cases per event

Indicate how  many cases and type of each product you are requesting.  There are 24 cans per case.  The water is provided in a case of 24 bottles.
Requests must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.  You will be notified via e-mail if your request is approved. 

Note: Pepsi product cannot be sold.